A vibrant, fast-talking, slang-tossing, generation-spanning, name-dropping, foot-noted ride, filled with obscure references both high and low brow, multiple narrators, a good dose of Spanish, and a wildly complex and convoluted historical backdrop. The story begins with Dominican teen Oscar, a lumpy, sad sack, “alternative genre” obsessed geek with a sweet heart who falls in love instantly and deeply over and over again, always unrequited. Nobody gets him, and his smart, bookish ways and sci-fi inclinations make him ideal fodder for brutal teasing and bullying in 1980’s/90’s New Jersey. Luckily, we fall in love with him from page one. As he flips back and forth, character to character, narrator to narrator, Junot Diaz’s powerhouse prose dazzles, and his affection for his characters and their story is immediately contagious.

Lucia and Eleanore both highly recommend this Pulitzer Prize winner!