Our spring renewal poetry reading in collaboration with the Solana Beach Art Association was a great success and we look forward to working together again soon. Our contributors ranged across ~8 decades, and all work was of the best caliber. One poem especially touched us, and we’d like to share it here with you, with permission from the author:


They are invisible
Cold, hungry, and alone
Yet their eyes can meet yours
You just to choose to look the other way

Cars pass by
People laughing carefree
Safe behind the window
A whole different world
They don’t have to struggle to survive
Flashbacks their heart aches

They are people too
We just choose not to see them
A palm extended
A smile, something to show them that you know
That you feel their pain
From your warm winter jacket
Just for one minute
They aren’t invisible.

— Lexi Goldberg, Grade 9, Canyon Crest Academy