Order This Book OnlineIf you think you can get away without reading this just because you’ve seen the movie, I beg you to reconsider. Even Audrey Hepburn’s entrancing grace and beauty pales in comparison to Truman Capote’s prose. The Holly Golightly that emerges from these pages is a whole other animal; more like what would happen if you shone light through Audrey Hepburn’s crystal Holly and a spectral, rainbowed Holly appeared in the beyond. (Capote was disgusted with the film adaptation, claiming “it bore as much resemblance to my work as the Rockettes do to Ulanova.” He later said he imagined Jodie Foster — think Taxi Driver era — would have made the perfect Holly.) The great thing is, the book and the movie are so entirely different, neither one spoils the other. So, you can still love Audrey, and fall in love with a new Holly Golightly all over again.

As if you needed a 2 for 1 deal, three short stories follow in this edition, including A Christmas Memory, which may very well be the most tender, pitch-perfect thing you will ever read. (And re-read, and read again.) Melancholy and magnificent, this slender little volume will remind you of the possibility of perfection. And isn’t that, after all, all we could ever want?