Order This Book OnlineWill Heller (“Lowboy”) is not exactly your typical sixteen-year-old boy: he’s a paranoid schizophrenic, who believes he holds the key to the planet’s salvation. While Will, off meds, rides the Manhattan subway, driven by his quest to find a particular girl, his mother and a seasoned missing persons specialist are on a desperate search to find him.
Lowboy is a dark and enlivening exploration of the mind of a teenager woefully afflicted by mental illness. John Wray demonstrates his literary talents by taking the reader in and out of this distorted psyche, portraying Will’s unsteady viewpoint without sensationalizing or sugarcoating his troubles.
You will find yourself getting pulled in deeper with every chapter, resonating with each of characters more and more until you realize that you’re at the end of the line and you long for it to begin all over again.
A few weeks after reading this excellent and complex tale, and a day before heading to New York City, Lowboy still lingers in my mind. I’ll think of Will when I step foot on the subway.


PS: check out this video of subway passengers reading aloud from the book. Another video shows John Wray reading to commuters on the L train.