Order This Book OnlineIn 1986, young photojournalist Didier Lefevre left Paris on his first assignment: documenting a Doctors Without Borders mission into Afghanistan during the height of the Soviet occupation. Trekking across vast mountain ranges under cover of night, learning new languages and witnessing the horrors of war from all sides, Lefevre came of age both personally and professionally. Ten years later, graphic novelist Emmanuel Guibert worked with Lefevre to shape his journey into a graphic memoir that would combine photographs with text and graphic-comic illustrations. The resulting book, The Photographer, is an instantly accessible reflection on the history and politics of a country whose fate has so prominently figured in that of our own. In artfully and seamlessly merging photographs with storytelling and illustration, the authors exceed the emotional resonance of any one medium alone; the hybrid narrative is immediate, deeply affecting and deeply human — qualities that remind us of the real costs of war.
— Lucia

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