‘Begin at the beginning,’ the King said gravely, ‘and go on till you come to the end: then stop.’ (from Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll)

Remember when summer stretched out endlessly before you, and kind people fixed you snacks while you sprawled on the floor in impossibly limber positions reading to your heart’s content? Well I do, and even though I haven’t taken a real summer vacation in my entire adult life, I still compile my reading list as if I’m heading off for a month-long sprawl in the Hamptons. With 23 books on my “shortlist” for this already-waning summer, even if I got on the Jitney right now I’d never finish them by Labor Day. Woe is me, woe to all of us readers who still race into a bookstore with the breathless hope of school children on holiday. Because I remember what it feels like to turn the last page under the same setting sun that rose that morning, and nothing can replace the feeling of being completely immersed in a story from beginning to end.

Which is one of the many reasons I love short stories. I may not have twelve hours to read everyday, but I certainly have twelve minutes, and so far I’ve read over 30 short stories this summer, most in a single satisfying gulp.

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