Photo of Drew Barrymore by Annie Leibovitz for VogueThe Book Works and The Beast — an update on our plan to turn the feared e-book into our friend and yours.

This past spring, we gave a book review to some of our most devoted customers. At the end of the discussion, someone asked us how the emergence of e-readers was effecting our business. “Well, it’s not helping”, was our reply. This group told us that they would sooner support us than a corporate book business. We are bold enough to believe that many of you feel the same way.

We returned to the store and thought. Then we did some research and thought some more. We concluded that The Book Works is not content to be the best bookstore with the best staff, the most well-chosen books, and the best atmosphere in North County. If there is a demand for e-books, we’re going to move forward and provide them for you.

We are presently working on the logistics to sell e-books to our customers, both at the store and online. The e-books likely won’t be compatible with the Kindle, but they will be compatible with the many other platforms that are being rapidly developed to equal or even out-perform Amazon’s proprietary device. These include the Sony e-reader, the iPhone, and a much-speculated upon e-reader that Apple might (or might not) release this fall.
So please think twice before making your next e-reader purchase — ask about its compatibility first!

Personally, the Book Works staff will never fall in love with e-readers, but for those of you who find them useful and convenient you will soon have the option of using them while still supporting your favorite independent bookstore!