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Blaze Ginsberg, a 22-year-old high functioning autistic student, will be at The Book Works in September, to discuss and sign his book Episodes: My Life As I See It. A memoir like no other about his freshman through senior year of high school. Inspired by IMDB.com and TV.com, it is written in episodes about his quest for the perfect trio of friends, his crush on Hilary Duff, and his never-ending search for a girlfriend.
A unique glimpse into an adolescent mind that is simply wired differently.

Join us on Thursday, September 10 at 7pm for an interview with Blaze Ginsberg and Debra Ginsberg (author of Raising Blaze). Q&A, book signing and refreshments: all welcome!

Read more about Episodes here.

Read an excerpt: My crush on Hilary Duff

“Blaze is brave. Blaze is bold. Blaze blazes his own literary path with humor and pathos. He has a capacity to translate the often untranslatable differences of human beings. A triumph!” —Jamie Lee Curtis