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Deo is 24 years old and attends medical school in Burundi when the civil war breaks out. After 6 months on the run, he survives the genocide and lands in New York with 200 dollars, no English and no one he knows. He delivers groceries and sleeps in Central Park learning English in bookstores. With luck he meets some strangers who take him in, help him along the way. After some years of hardship he is admitted to Columbia University and then medical school. He goes back to Burundi with the author, they reconstruct his 6 months nightmare, while we learn a lot of the history of Burundi (which recently “had been designated one of the world’s three worst countries in which to do business”), Rwanda, the Belgian Congo, and what led to the civil wars. In the early 2000’s Deo is building a health clinic with lots of local help, Partners in Health and American fundraising.
This is a gripping, inspiring story from Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winner Tracy Kidder. I also recommend his earlier book “Mountains Beyond Mountains”, a biography of Dr. Paul Farmer, one of the founders of Partners in Health.

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