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A richly detailed picture of life in a top restaurant kitchen, Heat, is a wonderful trip into the days and nights of amateur cook, Bill Buford, who is having a romance with authentic Italian food. He’s discovering the pleasure of cooking well and the exhilaration of working in a professional kitchen. We travel back and forth with him to Italy as he researches very old egg, pasta and polenta recipes and learns the secrets of pasta making in provincial kitchens. Back in NYC he is working as a kitchen slave at his friend and celebrity chef Mario Batali’s three-star restaurant, Babbo, where Mario floats in and out, leaving him with the tough hierarchy of the kitchen. Starting on day one with the proper way to cube carrots, he perseveres and is promoted to line cook, eventually taking on the rigorous pasta station with all its scalding water, complex sauces and adrenaline rushes. Throughout, Buford nicely details his journeys with sumptuous meals, good wine, crazy chefs, but mostly the search for the essence of good food and its makers.