Postcards to the PresidentEarlier this month, people from all over San Diego gathered at The Book Works to share conversation and wine and cheese, and to write postcards to President Obama. The goal was not to wish him a Happy Belated Birthday, but to communicate to him the importance of marriage equality. Each person who attended the event wrote a brief personal story or thought about why marriage equality is important to them. The event was organized by “Postcards to the President“, a grassroots organization that supports marriage equality.

The founder of Postcards to the President, Tanner Efinger, spoke about the history and mission of his organization. The method is simple: send to the White House the personal pleas of thousands upon thousands of Americans, to impress upon President Obama the importance equality and to urge him to bring this plea to Congress, so that they may reconsider the Defense of Marriage Act that was put in place by President Clinton in 1996.

Efinger stressed the importance of education and communication when discussing the issue of marriage equality, and talked about how to effectively communicate with neighbors, family, and friends. Efinger also stressed the importance developing mutual respect, so that regardless of different opinions among a community, fear, suspicion, and hostility can be replaced with understanding and even friendship.

Lisa Stefanacci, owner of The Book Works, was proud to have provided a space for the “Postcards to the President” event. “The staff and I believe very strongly in bringing our community together in open forums that encourage tolerance and education”, said Stefanacci.

Over 70 postcards were written at The Book Works, bringing the total of ‘postcards sent’ to nearly 10.000.