The Book Works has welcomed the support and patronage of many book groups over the years and we love having these groups meet at the store. The Book Works is a unique environment and many of us have grown very attached to holding book discussions at the “square table”.

So that we can continue to provide this special venue for you, we’ve made a plan. Starting this month, book club members will enjoy two hours of lively, intelligent, and provocative discussion in a unique and lovely environment for a cover charge of $5 per person, per meeting ($10 for children’s groups, which goes entirely toward the facilitator’s fee). The cover charge will be used to support the overhead required to maintain The Book Works (and your meeting place). As always, there will be a 10% discount on your book group selections.

There will be no initial fee for guests or drop in/first-time visitors to the book groups.

We are working on ways to make The Book Works an even more special destination and resource for the community, and in particular for book groups that meet at the store. We will provide your group with advance copies of new books as they become available, and we will give you advance notice of special events that may require reservations or limited tickets.

Upon coming to each meeting, please sign in and pay (cash or check) at the front desk.

Thank you.