No, this recognition doesn’t have anything to do with March Madness. It turns out that The Book Works is a Constant Contact All Star. This means, basically, that in 2009 we used the Constant Contact software to send out newsletters, and we used it so well that we get special recognition. Here are the criteria that you (our newsletter readers) helped us unwittingly achieve:

A “2009 Constant Contact All Star” is a customer or business partner who we [Constant Contact] have given special recognition for their email marketing and/or Online Survey success and continued commitment to following best practices. Their accounts qualified for this special status* by meeting all of the following standards of excellence during the entire year of 2009:

* Had used Constant Contact for a minimum of 1 year starting on or before 12/31/08
* Averaged a bounce rate less than or equal to 15%
* Averaged an open rate of 20% or higher
* Sent Constant Contact emails regularly (in all 4 quarters in 2009)
* Averaged a click through rate of 2% or higher
* Received no compliance related complaints or inquiries

We get a special logo to use and everything. Thanks again, everyone, for being interested enough in books to read our newsletters. And a special thanks to Tammy Black who introduced us to Constant Contact and got us up and running.

I would like a trophy for this achievement. The only trophy I won in my entire life was in elementary school for winning 3rd prize in a spelling bee, and after school I was so excited to show my mother that as I was running I tripped and fell and the statuette broke apart. Constant Contact, are you listening?