Jenn Recommends: i know i am, but what are you? by Samantha Bee (due out in June 2010)

This memoir is witty, raw, honest, and hilarious. From Samantha’s oddly large and ever-changing family with its’ secret affairs and obscurities to her childhood obsession and crush on Jesus, Samantha tells us how her uncomfortable it was to grow up fast. She describes how her hands are related to her “old” soul and comments on the dirty habits of older people. Recalling awkward stages of her life with all honesty and revealing novel views on an array of subjects, Samantha leaves us shocked and completely infatuated with her entertaining life. This memoir will keep you guessing as to how Samantha reacts and responds to every absurd situation that befalls her. She is adorable and simply irresistible, I desperately want to read more.

Samantha Bee is the Most Senior Correspondent for the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.