For those of you who love Sex and the City and all other Candace Bushnell books, now the addition to her collection of best-selling books that have been made into movies and TV shows, The Carrie Diaries is a definite page turner.

Meet Carrie Bradshaw, the woman of Sex and the City and whom we ALL love, way before the sex and before she’s even seen “the city”. Living in a small town in Connecticut, this coming of age book tells us all the background we need to know about how Carrie became a insightful and honest writer and how the relationships and friendships she had during high school shaped and scarred her emotional life that we experience in Sex and the City. From stealing the boy of her dreams from the most popular girl in school, finding out your best friends’ ex-boyfriend is gay, to the most back-stabbing betrayal, we get to know and fall in love with the young Carrie as we did with the older one. Dazzling us with her descriptive and realistic stories about the iconic Carrie Bradshaw, this book is a must have! And Bushnell is just in time for summer, and for the upcoming release of the second Sex and the City movie!