Joanna Recommends: Clandestine in Chile by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Clandestine In Chile is a dazzling combination of a thrilling adventure story and the delicate, unmistakable writing of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Don’t be disappointed that it isn’t a work of his fiction, for this work of journalism contains all the drama, suspense, and emotion of the most well-crafted novel.
Marquez pens the riveting story of Miguel Littin, a famous Chilean film director who, after being one of the thousands exiled from Chile after the assassination of Salvador Allende, sneaks back into his home country with an alias and disguise to secretly film a documentary about life in Chile during the merciless reign of Augusto Pinochet.

Risking his life with every minute he walked the Chilean streets, Littin grappled with the oddity and pain of having to adopt a stranger’s persona to exist in the country he once occupied, but also with the realization that the place he had returned to was itself completely transformed, heartbroken by the loss of Allende and stifled by the cruel hand of Pinochet.

Some of his encounters and near-fatalities are at once breathtaking and hilarious, and his story, brought together with Marquez’s distinct ability to inject an emotion into a single word, is an incredible snapshot of Chilean history.