Jane recommends: Mr. Pip, by Lloyd Jones

Lloyd Jones, a relatively unknown writer, globally burst to the forefront of wonderful fiction writing in 2006 when he authored Mr.Pip.
A winner of the Commonwealth Prize and finalist for the prestigious Booker Prize, this novel with its 250 pages provides a rich and lively discussion for any book club and should be put on a list of MUST READ.

Set in the tropical island of Bouganvilla near Papua New Guinea, we hear the tale of a war torn people, narrated by thirteen year old Mathilda, one of its inhabitants reflecting on her life years late.
The islands’ only white person, PopEye/Mr. Watts brings Dickens’ story of Great Expectations alive to the children of the island, and in doing so, gives them the gift of reading and story telling and using their imaginations to escape their harsh realities!

Dickens’ Great Expectations enables these children to reach across their colonialistic world and view the possibilities that exist in literature that can transcend it.