The Great Perhaps is a much more subtle treatment of the family-in-turmoil theme.  There is much humor in the work, but it’s more in the descriptions and observations of the characters, tender and frequently absurd.  Jonathan Casper, his wife Madeline, their daughters Amelia and Thisbe (teenagers), and Jonathan’s aged father Henry are each undergoing an individual existential crisis. This novel allows us into the heads of each of these characters, and Meno keenly captures the gamut of emotional confusion experienced by insecure, angry teens, middle aged professionals who are losing their grip and losing each other, and a man close to death who just wants to escape.  All of the characters fear the complexities of life, and each of them deals with the fear in a unique way.  The overlapping and intertwining threads of their quests for understanding make this novel rich and satisfying–a joy to read.