E-readers are not going away. We know that pushing back with an old bookstore model won’t work. Our new idea is to embrace (well, maybe touch fingers with) the e-industry to continue to serve our customers’ needs. Here’s our plan:

We think that the Kindle is the best e-reader on the market right now. Not everyone can afford a Kindle, though, and some people want e-readers only occasionally (e.g., travel).

The Book Works is establishing a Kindle Rental Program — for a small fee, customers may rent a Kindle from us for short time periods and therefore avoid the cost of purchasing a full-time Kindle. (Details regarding uploading e-books, etc. will be addressed in a future blog.)

Right now we need to acquire Kindles. One of our favorite customers, Kathy Kim, suggested an idea that we love — a  Kindle Founder’s Program. Members make a temporary $50+ contribution towards the purchase of a Book Works Kindle. Contributions will be graciously returned as each new Kindle pays itself off.

In return for their generosity, Kindle Founders receive one free rental for up to 5 days; a discount on all future rentals, and our everlasting gratitude for contributing to The Book Works success.

Please contact lisa@book-works.com if you would like to kick-start the Kindle Rental Program with a  temporary contribution. Thanks.

Lisa Stefanacci, owner