Last Week, Powell’s book store in Portland, Oregon held an author event with Pulitzer Prize winner Jonathan Weiner for his book Long for This World: The Strange Science of Immortality.

Powell’s is starting to reach out interactively online. This will help other independent bookstores, like The Book Works, think of unique ways to reach out to the community and allow people to interact with authors who are busy and unable to reach every city during book tours.

Last month, The Book Works hosted Claire Cook for her new novel Seven Year Switch. She spoke to us about having online web chats for book groups or events in the future! If your book group would like to read one of Claire’s books and have a session where you can web chat with her, please let us know! We will also, like Powell’s begin to use online and interactive media for live author chats!

For more information on Powell’s first live online author event, Click HERE