An avid reader, I’ve always been a little skeptical of graphic novels. I don’t always “get it” and find that I would rather be reading a traditional book.

This past week, I am thrilled to say, I finally fell in love with a graphic novel.

Diana Gabaldon, bestselling author of “Outlander” series fame, just came out with “The Exile,” an “Outlander” graphic novel! The book is beautifully illustrated by Hoang Nguyen, and parallels the beginning of Gabaldon’s first book from the new perspective of Jamie Fraser.

If you have read any of her books, you will understand my initial hesitations. I am a *devout* Jamie Fraser and Claire fan, but I was both thrilled and worried about how it would do as a graphic novel.

Well, it’s beautiful.

And there were two other things I learned about this book that hooked me: 1. It was Gabaldon’s original idea, after having started her publishing career as a comic artist. 2. She was heavily involved in every step of its creation, working directly with Hoang to get each image right.

I loved this whole new look at the “Outlander” world, and it made me pick up the series all over again. (*If you haven’t read these books, you should. An epic combination of historical fiction, romance, and fantasy, Gabaldon’s world and her characters are captivating.)

Hope you love it too!