Though it’s not a new book, and I’m only 3/4ths of the way through, Anthony Kiedis has me mesmerized.

Kiedis, the dynamic lead singer and lyricist for the infamous Red Hot Chili Peppers invites us into a whirlwind of chaos of which has been the life that brought him here today. Growing up in Michigan, Kiedis lived a fairly normal life as a young kid, getting into trouble only on occasion. It wasn’t until he began to visit and live with his father from time to time in Hollywood, CA that he began to harness his curiosity and experiment with drugs.

Between sleepless nights clubbing in Hollywood, his multiple muses, to rockin’ out with the band, we are thrown into the rock star lifestyle we all secretly wish we could experience. Though Kiedis experienced many low points that sometimes caused problems with the band, he always came back because his passion for the music and times to jam with the band were irreplaceable.

Fascinating, dirty, raw, honest, and yet altogether truly inspiring, Anthony a true rock and roll artist behind the catchy, best-selling rhymes of The Red Hot Chili Peppers welcomes us into the world of Hollywood rock mayhem.


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