Press Release

December 6, 2010

Independent Bookstore The Book Works Selling Google eBooks™:

“Cloud-Based” Library and Multi-Device Access Allow Indies to Compete in Growing eBook Business.

Deccember 6, 2010: Indie bookstore customers no longer have to choose between reading digital and supporting their local bookstore – The Book Works in Del Mar, CA is now selling Google eBooks™ online at Google launched its e-book program on Monday, December 6, and is partnering with the American Booksellers Association so indie bookstores can provide an easy way for their customers to discover, read, and buy e-books at competitive prices.

“More and more of our customers are buying e-readers and are purchasing e-books,” said Lisa Stefanacci, owner of The Book Works. “But they would still rather support us than a large corporate entity. Google eBooks now allows us to remain the store of choice for our loyal customers who are reading digital, and to serve new customers.”

“This partnership with Google allows independent bookstores that are our members to better compete with corporate retailers on selection, price, and convenience,” said ABA President Michael Tucker. “It levels the playing field.”

A Google eBook is a new form of cloud-based digital book that allows readers to access their libraries on almost any device from one single repository, regardless of where the e-book was purchased. Google is offering hundreds of thousands of titles for sale, ranging from new releases and bestsellers in every category to classics in the public domain.

Because Google eBooks work with myriad devices — tablets, smartphones, computers, even most e-ink devices — consumers are free to shop from a variety of retailers rather than being bound to one retailer. This opens up a wealth of indie recommendations and bestsellers to avid e-book readers.

In addition to e-books, readers can purchase print books from the database five million titles that are available at