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Press Release

December 6, 2010

Independent Bookstore The Book Works Selling Google eBooks™:

“Cloud-Based” Library and Multi-Device Access Allow Indies to Compete in Growing eBook Business.

Deccember 6, 2010: Indie bookstore customers no longer have to choose between reading digital and supporting their local bookstore – The Book Works in Del Mar, CA is now selling Google eBooks™ online at Google launched its e-book program on Monday, December 6, and is partnering with the American Booksellers Association so indie bookstores can provide an easy way for their customers to discover, read, and buy e-books at competitive prices.

“More and more of our customers are buying e-readers and are purchasing e-books,” said Lisa Stefanacci, owner of The Book Works. “But they would still rather support us than a large corporate entity. Google eBooks now allows us to remain the store of choice for our loyal customers who are reading digital, and to serve new customers.”

“This partnership with Google allows independent bookstores that are our members to better compete with corporate retailers on selection, price, and convenience,” said ABA President Michael Tucker. “It levels the playing field.”

A Google eBook is a new form of cloud-based digital book that allows readers to access their libraries on almost any device from one single repository, regardless of where the e-book was purchased. Google is offering hundreds of thousands of titles for sale, ranging from new releases and bestsellers in every category to classics in the public domain.

Because Google eBooks work with myriad devices — tablets, smartphones, computers, even most e-ink devices — consumers are free to shop from a variety of retailers rather than being bound to one retailer. This opens up a wealth of indie recommendations and bestsellers to avid e-book readers.

In addition to e-books, readers can purchase print books from the database five million titles that are available at



Because we know you can shop anywhere and you choose to shop here, The Book Works would like to say “thank you” by offering 15% off select books every Monday in December. Come do your holiday shopping, enjoy a treat at the Pannikin, and enjoy our holiday atmosphere.

Monday, December 6: 15% off all hardcover fiction

Monday, December 13: 15% off all hardcover nonfiction

Monday, December 20: 15% off all coffee table books

Monday, December 27: 15% off all children’s books

Happy Holidays to all!

Tomorrow evening at 7:00pm, The Book Works is hosting a Fiction Series Author Event featuring David Bajo for his new novel Panopticon. Bajo also wrote The 351 Books of Irma Arcuri. Stop by for his talk and for our wine and cheese book signing reception afterward!

Panopticon, A novel about the dangers and seductions of today’s digital omniscience.

David will be interviewed on “These Days” on KPBS Monday morning before the event at 10:40am, be sure to listen in on it!

Also, read his recent interview with the San Diego Union Tribune about Panopticon by clicking the link below.

Also read Lisa’s recommended read review of The 351 Books of Irma Arcuri

Aniruddh Patel, author of Music, Language, and the Brain was interviewed in the New York Times for his work in studying the relationship between language and music as well as the neurobiology of music. To read his full interview, click on the link below.

Dr. Patel will be speaking at The Book Works on Wednesday, November 10th at 7:00pm.

Click Here

Old Friends and New

Simon LeVay visited The Book Works in Del Mar, CA last week to discuss his new book, Gay, Straight, and The Reason Why (Oxford University Press). It was an emotional event, for it was during his tenure at the nearby Salk Institute in 1991 that Dr. LeVay published the first ever study showing a difference in the brains of gay versus nongay men in an region associated with sexual behavior. Pictured with Dr. LeVay (seated) are Book Works staff members together with scientists who, though now scattered throughout San Diego research institutions, were all colleagues with Dr. LeVay at the Salk when he carried out his landmark work.

The evening also featured representation by and for the GLTB community. Dr. LeVay was introduced by Latham Staples, founder of Empowering Spirits (, a gay civil rights organization based in San Diego. Staples discussed the ongoing tragedies of teen suicides across the country, and introduced a classroom documentary designed to encourage tolerance and combat anti-gay bullying. The film is free of charge for all teachers ( and is produced by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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Our upcoming Brain-Mind Speaker Series author event featuring Simon Levay is this coming Wednesday, October 13th at 7:00pm. He will be reading from and discussing his new book Gay, Straight, and the Reason Why. Be sure to stop by for this interesting discussion and meet Simon during our wine and cheese book signing reception after his talk.

Also, catch Simon being interviewed on our local news Channel 6’s morning show San Diego Living the morning of his talk (also on October 13th) at 9:00am.