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December 6, 2010

Independent Bookstore The Book Works Selling Google eBooks™:

“Cloud-Based” Library and Multi-Device Access Allow Indies to Compete in Growing eBook Business.

Deccember 6, 2010: Indie bookstore customers no longer have to choose between reading digital and supporting their local bookstore – The Book Works in Del Mar, CA is now selling Google eBooks™ online at Google launched its e-book program on Monday, December 6, and is partnering with the American Booksellers Association so indie bookstores can provide an easy way for their customers to discover, read, and buy e-books at competitive prices.

“More and more of our customers are buying e-readers and are purchasing e-books,” said Lisa Stefanacci, owner of The Book Works. “But they would still rather support us than a large corporate entity. Google eBooks now allows us to remain the store of choice for our loyal customers who are reading digital, and to serve new customers.”

“This partnership with Google allows independent bookstores that are our members to better compete with corporate retailers on selection, price, and convenience,” said ABA President Michael Tucker. “It levels the playing field.”

A Google eBook is a new form of cloud-based digital book that allows readers to access their libraries on almost any device from one single repository, regardless of where the e-book was purchased. Google is offering hundreds of thousands of titles for sale, ranging from new releases and bestsellers in every category to classics in the public domain.

Because Google eBooks work with myriad devices — tablets, smartphones, computers, even most e-ink devices — consumers are free to shop from a variety of retailers rather than being bound to one retailer. This opens up a wealth of indie recommendations and bestsellers to avid e-book readers.

In addition to e-books, readers can purchase print books from the database five million titles that are available at



Because we know you can shop anywhere and you choose to shop here, The Book Works would like to say “thank you” by offering 15% off select books every Monday in December. Come do your holiday shopping, enjoy a treat at the Pannikin, and enjoy our holiday atmosphere.

Monday, December 6: 15% off all hardcover fiction

Monday, December 13: 15% off all hardcover nonfiction

Monday, December 20: 15% off all coffee table books

Monday, December 27: 15% off all children’s books

Happy Holidays to all!

The Creative Writer’s Survival Guide by John McNally is an excellent resource for writers at all stages of their careers.  What makes this book truly unique is that McNally doesn’t pretend to have any definitive answers or tricks about how to get published or what it takes to be a writer.  Instead, he provides invaluable information about his experiences as an author and professor and allows readers to make decisions for themselves.  He uses humorous anecdotes from his own life to illustrate his points– from finding a suitable agent, to dealing with inevitable rejections– and he gives a more realistic picture of the writing life.  This book isn’t an instruction manual on how to write stories and it doesn’t provide inspirational prompts; it’s about the literary/publishing field and the reality of what it means to be a writer in this day and age, which is an invaluable resource.


On Thursday, November 18th, was Debra Ginsberg’s book launch for The Neighbors are Watching at The Book Works. She kicked it off with a special VIP reception where some customers came to an intimate setting to talk with Debra about her book and her life over some delicious appetizers. They also received a special treat from Debra herself!

The event was packed and definitely filled with some good laughs.

Congrats to Debra and we still have some signed copies in the store! So if you  missed out on the event, stop by to get a signed copy before we’re out!

The Fates Will Find Their Way by Hannah Pittard

Due out Feb. 2011

This debut novel opens with the disappearance of sixteen year-old Nora Lindell, and follows the next thirty years via the collective voice of the boys she left behind. The author hints at several possibilities about what happened to Nora, but the novel really isn’t about her, it’s about these boys, who become men and husbands and fathers and never quite get over Nora’s disappearance. At first I wasn’t sure about this disembodied collective male voice, but in the end I found myself hooked, and I think Ms. Pittard has done something truly unique and fresh here. For fans of a straight linear narrative, this is not the book for you. But for those willing to take a risk with their fiction, enjoy! My sense is that this will be the first of many from Hannah Pittard, and I’ll be eagerly anticipating the next book of hers.

-Jennifer D.

Read the article about The Neighbors are Watching from today’s Tribune (click the link below) and don’t forget about our BOOK LAUNCH next Thursday evening!

Click Here

Be sure to contact The Book Works if you would like to have the exclusive opportunity to meet Debra in an intimate setting at the VIP reception!

Finally,  latest book in the enormously popular series by Jeff Kinney — Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth — is out today, and we have lots and lots  of copies. Come pick one up (your child will be asking/demanding, we promise) and while you’re here check out all of the other super great new books we have in stock.